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I'm Johnathan Nader the maker of this and many more useless tools around the internet. This is my first, well technically second, open source project. You can check it out by going here . I made it with the help of a bunch of other great open source projects I found scattered on GitHub.

You can follow me on twitter

Thanks for spending some time out of your day reading this and hopefully trying it out till you get frustrated with it, and either buying some credits, or install it yourself by reading the git, I mean, that's the point of open source I think. Took me months to make this work, then longer to make it work faster.

Then it took a bit more time to make it simple, and well documented. Anyways, I got distracted. So yeah would be cool if you used it.

Or honestly, just share the project. It's always cool knowing people use the darn thing, I got less gray hairs for this one, than some of my other projects.

With warm regards, the dude in the home page example pic and grainy GIF, decked out in EFF.org gear.


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